Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Extraordinary Beauty Through The Dark

Butterflies just like flowers have to grow and transform through darkness, they grow their wings in such times and flowers their petals with specks of light shining through feeding their souls and providing hope of what will soon be. As they make it to the light they become something beautiful, magnificent, stunning, extraordinary, uniquely their own and undoubtedly strong yet delicately fragile.

Their journey... your journey might be filled with darkness and there's a chance that it will be more than once but that doesn't mean there won't be light... that there isn't light or that there won't be light once day just like the butterflies and flowers you'll see it, feel it and be it so if you are covered in darkness right now, ever are or are again once more think of all things that grow through dark and become something full of extraordinary beauty because that my friend is eventually what you will become or become even more of through the pain of the dark!

With hope and love
Rainbow 🌱💧🌷🐛🦋⛈🌈