Monday, 27 February 2017

Creating And Living By YOUR Values!

Creating and living by your values is an important part of self discovery to know yourself and to live for your happiness, it's also is a place to refer back to when you feel lost or have success and lose yourself. Dr Russ Harris in his Happiness Trap book advises to always make forgiveness one of your values for if you at some point or another don't act according to one of your values in which all of us are human and at some point or another this is most likely to occur, instead of hating on and destroying yourself you have placed importance on forgiving yourself and others to help heal such pain, blame and shame. 

To live a happy life it's important to live out your core values for not doing so will leave you awfully unhappy and no amount of materialistic items, wealth, fame, sex, relationships or success will ever fill that void long term.

As my counsellor pointed out though sometimes you may feel there is a time and place to find a compromise in certain situations on values on the lower end of your list if you feel it is right to do so though as she again pointed out never sacrifice your top values for you will be sure to be unhappy. 

My top value of course is to be my self, with creativity, kindness, inspiring/helping others, badassness, realness, respect, honesty, compassion and empathy following close behind the top of my list. Forgiveness is too on my list though it is rather hard for me on all levels and most definitely something that takes a lot of time and work.

What are your values?, What do you live by?

With hope and love
Rainbow :) xoxo