Wednesday, 22 February 2017

When You're Having A Bad Day!
  1. Throw glitter... because glitter solves some problems ;)
  2. Treat yo self at the $2 shop!
  3. Write your frustration, anger and sadness into a funny story, poem or song
  4. Create or write fun things on your mirror with lipstick
  5. If you could create a land what would you call it, what would it look like and who would be in it?... Get creating!
  6. Binge watch and listen to Disney movies and music
  7. Turn off your phone and take a nap
  8. Word vomit to a friend, a lake, ocean, river or animal
  9. Do your makeup
  10. Watch some Oprah and Hannah Montana
  11. Have tea in a fancy tea cup and get lost in a book
  12. Have a bath with glitter ;)... flower petals and sequins in it
  13. Lip sync into a fan to 'N Sync and while you're at it THIS!
  14. Sit out in the sun... if it's sunny ha!
  15. Buy yourself some flowers
  16. Watch Alice Through The Looking Glass soooo good! #ScrewTheBadReviews!
  17. Go on a random act of kindness mission
  18. Go to bed early
With hope and love
Rainbow :) xoxo