Monday, 14 August 2017

A Clear Up

I've shared a lot on the internet... though in my want to help and inspire others sometimes I think too much or things that were at times unnecessary and well with that and in general I decided it was time for a clear up and some change. I've had this blog for over 4 years and of course through that time I've grown, my way of writing has changed and improved and so have some of my view points and understanding of things. Some of my posts have been messy and so have some of the photos to go along with them... I use to stand on my bed for up to an hour trying to get a non blur photo because of where my window in one of my rooms was ha!. For some things I've posted it has just been time to let them go and hit delete, others I just don't feel they need to be shared anymore though being the internet you never know how they might reappear or where you can still find them...This blog and the things I've shared and created have most definitely grown, helped and inspired me and my main goal has always been for this for others too.

In saying this I've also been on a rampage of clearing out my life... from detagging myself from photos on my social media, deleting and detagging posts, to deleting friends, unfollowing pages and people- I'm being a lot more selective about what and who I want to see in my timeline. I also decided to delete my Facebook blog page and just post the posts that I want on my own personal profile and keep the rest of my content here on this blog. I also had a clearing out my Youtube channel and well countlessly cleared out my room of rubbish and things that I have moved on from.

Sometimes you need a savage life clear up and out which can be rather therapeutic especially when life has hit you hard and you need to re-evaluate, revamp, rebuild and move on.

Do you need to have a life clear up and out?.

With love and hope
Rainbow 🌈🌠💖