Monday, 4 September 2017

You Are Not Wrong For Being Who YOU Are...

One of the big reasons I took my blogging break was earlier this year the final straw in a long line of broken straws came to ahead in the job I was deeply unhappy in and was desperately trying to move on from... which wasn't happening for me either. The absolutely final straw was being given the heads up that in the near future the company was going to be changing their policy to no colourful hair.

Needless to say it hurt and it left me in what felt like an even worse position that I was put in prior to this happening which also wasn't a good position to be in. With that I handed in my resignation and had no job. This all triggered off my mental health issues even more and for many reasons.

It can be so easy to internalise such things when you get put into a situation like this and shame, blame and hurt yourself over it... and I did. It all got a bit much and I felt like I again was being punished for being who I was, that there was something wrong with me, that I was not good enough and worthless and why couldn't I just be myself and be accepted. I turned it inward.

Though in saying this I also internally knew this was and is about equality and discrimination which also hurt on so many levels. It wasn't and isn't just about me but how we as a society hurt people by having and creating cultures that aren't equal with making certain groups inferior and superior, that shames people for who they are and devalues diversity which all ultimately hurts/destroys people and contributes to mental illness. That is all not ok, it's fucked up and we need to continue to work and fight to unfuck it. It might of been just one company... though I have also come up against this at times in job interviews however it starts with one company, with one person to embrace equality, diversity and acceptance. I'm incredibly grateful in every way for those out there that are about the equality, diversity and acceptance life, it's essential for it to be the "norm".

If you experience or come up against anything like this you are not alone, keep fighting warriors, keep fighting for change and equality on all levels and most of all keep being yourselves... trust me darlings you are not wrong for being who you are.

With hope and love
Rainbow :) xoxo


  1. It's awful that companies that implement such policies - so sorry you had to be put in that situation! You're definitely right in saying nobody is wrong for being who they are. Hope you're doing well lovely x

    1. Yeah nobody should ever be put down or treated differently just because of who they are. Thank you Emma! Hope you are doing well too! :) xoxo

  2. No colourful hair code?! RAINBOW YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR THAT JOB ANYWAY, THEY'RE MISSING OUT! It honestly makes me so sick to think of companies discriminating against hard workers because of hair colour, makeup, tattoos and piercings etc. How about we just judge people at work on if they're qualified for the job? You're absolutely doing the right thing staying true to who you are. I can't even tell you how inspirational I find it that you've got the courage to be yourself xxx

    1. Naww thank you Izzy! At least I've left now ;) EXACTLY! It's rather ridiculous that companies and people judge and discriminate it's so harmful, sad and has nothing to do with the job. Naww thank you Izzy, I'm looking forward to seeing your Little Mermaid hair one day! ;D xoxo

  3. Well said, Rainbow! Just...well said. I almost quit my current job for similar reasons...(my employer at the time told me I was "too nice"...if you ask me, we need more "nice" people in this world more than anything!) Especially the working world - I find there's just so much discrimination's all competition and survival of the fittest. When really, we should be embracing things and different people.
    Continue to be you, Rainbow! And keep up your positivity :)


    1. I agree Lor we need more nice people and I'm glad to have come across you here on the internet :). Nice is one of best things you can be in my opinion and many people out there will be incredibly grateful and appreciative of that Lor :).

      My mind just doesn't comprehend sometimes A) how people can think such a thing is ok to say to someone and B)I totally agree with you again a company or any environment should be uplifting, supportive, encouraging and embracing of people and their strengths and uniqueness.

      I can say I'm glad I've left that job now although it took a long time, so many broken straws and being put in a really bad position more than once and feeling like leaving itself was still a bad position to actually leave lol. It should never have to be like that for anyone.

      I hope things get better for you Lor, You deserve so much better! <3 Thank you and you too! <3 xoxo