Monday, 25 June 2018

More Doesn't Always Mean Better

It can be important to reflect and review in different aspects of life the concept of "quality over quantity" as it can be so easy to get caught up in believing that more means better. This can go for work/life balance, money wise (this article notes that once our basic needs are met, it doesn't actually make us any more happier), possessions, friendships, social media in terms of who you let into your world/what you see, creating content, followers etc. As well as gym/fitness life, I talked about here how more exercise doesn't necessarily mean better and my struggle with that. Cutting lots of food down/out and dropping weight fast most definitely doesn't equal better you can fry your metabolism, lose muscle mass, bone density, negatively impact your health, lead to binging etc. and actually derail what you want to achieve in the first place and most likely the long term sustainability of that. Lifting heavier weight in the gym doesn't always mean better either... proper technique, breathing, mind/muscle connection, time under tension training and listening to the body are all highly important too (I'm currently on more of a learning journey with this one, which I have my ups and downs with ha 😉).  

Do you need to have a bit of a reflect and review in different parts of your life in regards to "quality over quantity"?.

With hope and love 
Rainbow 🌈🌠💖