Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week NZ Day 3

❣️Self esteem/worth
❣️Control- Feeling like food/weight is the only thing a person can control when life feels out of control, the disease of anorexia takes over & ends up controlling the person. 
❣️Safety mechanism- An oxymoron but protection from the outside world.
❣️Coping mechanism
❣️Self blame
❣️Self punishment
❣️Self hate
❣️Self destruction
❣️Becoming high
❣️Survival mechanism
❣️Chromosome 12 
❣️A MENTAL ILLNESS with physical symptoms 
❣️Is not simply fixed by "just eating and gaining weight"
❣️Has the highest death rate out of all mental illnesses
❣️Not a choice 

With hope and love
Rainbow 💗🧡💗🧡